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Ladder Crosswalk

Enhance pedestrian safety with our professional ladder crosswalk striping services. We use high-visibility materials to create durable and clear crosswalks, ensuring the safety of pedestrians and compliance with traffic regulations.

Red and White Curb Paint

Zara Asphalt offers precise and long-lasting red and white curb painting services. Whether you need to denote no-parking zones, fire lanes, or loading areas, our curb painting ensures clear communication and regulation compliance.

Our Proven Process

Efficient and precise steps to ensure a stable and durable pavement foundation.

We evaluate the site to understand the striping requirements and plan the layout.

The surface is thoroughly cleaned to ensure proper adhesion of the new striping.

Using high-quality materials, we apply the striping with precision to ensure clear, visible markings.

For existing striping that needs to be removed, we use advanced techniques to eliminate old markings without damaging the pavement.

A final verification is conducted to ensure all striping is accurate and meets regulatory standards.

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